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Yogaessential men's yoga tops are perfect for practice and leisure time, with simple and clean lines and sporty look: suitable for gym, fitness, running and yoga.
Made of natural and Eco-Friendly fabrics, the Yogaessential men's tank tops are highly breathable, perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, as well as for the most casual moments of your day.
The fit of our yoga tank top is developed with our yoga teachers to make your practice easier and comfy. 
Our yoga muscle tank is made of cotton and bamboo fiber fabric and is ideal companion for your practice because it combines comfort and excellent fit.
Developed by our yoga teachers to give you maximum comfort in every movement, they are simple but exclusive garments, thanks to the excellent quality of fabric and an "OM" print on the front. 
For your daily exercise, choose one of our men's yoga tank tops: the softness of these garments will amaze you and follow you throughout your day