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Tutto al Cuore is an Italian brand that inspires women and men who are conscious of their health, taking care of themselves with a simple daily routine that can prevent common body aches and give you energy for the whole day.

This simple act is the ancient art of "Dry Body Brushing". All the ancient cultures kept a secret to maintain Health, Vitality and Beauty: they took care of their skin.

The "Dry Body Brushing" is an Ancient and Healthy Daily Habit, which in just three minutes allows you to transform and rebalance your physical, emotional and mental form, guided by a tutorial video.

The great Masters of Yoga, the Ayurvedic Doctors, the Naturopaths like Kneipp and Lazaeta Acharan, advised the Brushing of the Body as a daily energetic ritual.

Rubbing the skin of the body with Aladina, the Wellness Brush, is a simple, fast, effective act that rebalances all these main functions and helps you take care of yourself.

Body brushing is an integral part of the wellbeing practices of Natural Medicine. Sebastian Kneipp, the father of hydrotherapy, used dry brushing to stimulate an immediate reaction on the skin and reflex on the whole organism.