Yoga Mat Cleaning and Care

Pulizia e cura del tappetino yoga

Keeping your yoga mat clean is very important and cleaning should be done regularly, after every class. During practice mat absorbs a large amount of dust, sweat, creams and skin oils, making the surface unhygienic and increasingly slippery.

To effectively clean yoga mat YogaEssential has chosen Manduka washing products, spray detergents that combine incredible efficacy and unique fragrances, with a lush mix of essential oils and natural active ingredients. A line of products that makes good to you, to your home and respect the environment.

How to clean the yoga mat with a cleaning spray?

To wash the yoga mat frequently and quickly, the best solution is to use a spray detergent. The operation is simple and fast so just follow these steps to keep your mat in perfect state: 

- do not immediately roll up the mat when you have finished the practice, let it take some air;

- spray the solution on the surface of the mat or spray it to a dry or slightly damp cloth;

- leave to act for a few moments;

- rinse with a damp microfibre cloth.