Manduka PRO

Manduka PRO
Manduka Tappetino Yoga PRO - Black Sage (180 cm)

Manduka PRO® yoga mat, ultra dense and spacious, guarantees maximum comfort and unparalleled cushioning. This 6mm thick professional yoga mat is perfect for protecting joints and ensuring a stable surface for dynamic yoga practice.

Thanks to its closed cell composition, moisture and sweat do not penetrate the Manduka PRO® mat, eliminating the risk of bacterial proliferation (ideal for hot and vinyasa yoga). In addition, the surface finish of this Manduka yoga mat is created for an optimal transition between poses.

Choose a Manduka mat that lasts forever

The engineering and the materials used for creating Manduka PRO® yoga mat allow to have a product that is easy to clean and which does not deteriorate over time but which, on the contrary, improves thanks to its use. It is one of the most resistant and long lasting yoga mats, in fact, it is guaranteed for life by Manduka.