Manduka PROlite

Manduka PROlite
Manduka Tappetino Yoga PROlite - Thunder

Easy to carry Manduka PROlite mats are professional yoga mats of medium size and weight, the characteristics that make them the most versatile. Their high density 4.5 mm padding offers unprecedented cushioning and comfort and weight is only 1,8 kg.

The closed cell composition of the Manduka mat does not allow humidity and sweat to pass through, eliminating the risk of bacterial proliferation and representing the ideal solution for those who practice hot yoga and vinyasa yoga. The materials used are easy-to-clean and does not deteriorate over time but mat, on the contrary, improves thanks to use.

Choose a non-slip yoga mat: comfort and practicality during exercise

The external finish of the Manduka PROlite yoga mat is optimized for a smooth transition in your Vinyasa and at the same time the base ensures maximum adherence to any surface to avoid slipping during practice.

To speed up the "break-in" process, the process in which the mat loses its protective coating and begins to show maximum performance, it is suggested to cover the mat with sea salt for 24 hours and then remove it with a damp cloth.

Manduka PROlite is a 100% latex-free yoga mat, produced in Germany with OEKO-TEX certification on emission-free production.

Guaranteed for life by Manduka, like all yoga mats of the PRO series, this light, durable, non-slip and antibacterial yoga mat is the best choice for those who want to elevate their daily yoga practice.